Why Unique Corners

Our Story

Marialaura and Damià welcome you to ! We have been traveling around the world for a long time. During our trips, we discovered the pleasure of going to the unique corners outside of mass tourism and inside authentic life. We learned that going to the top 10 places that the guide books talk about are cool, but exploring the unique corners is more awesome! As soon as we arrived home, we realized that we wanted other people to have unique experiences where our roots are deep: Spain and Italy.

We are expert travelers, but most of all, we are the locals with the authentic local knowledge. We would love to share it with few special guests and to give you access to incredible experiences that only locals know.


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More authentic than I expected

When I signed up for this trip, we were always talking about it being the authentic Tuscany. And that’s all I thought about. But when we came, we were kind of surprised, I guess, that being in small group was so much more wonderful and authentic than being part of a big group. The idea of being able to see the countryside from Marialaura’s perspective, a local perspective, seeing where she lived all her life, that was even more authentic than I expected.

An incredible job

Being with the family and seeing what they do, it was so nice and they have so many meal times here. Collecting the olives was the highlight of the trip. Marialaura’s family has a passion for that, and you can feel it. You feel that part of this land belongs to them and they even harvest the olives. They have been so kind, generous and friendly with us. I think Marialaura and Damià did an incredible job, taking care of us… with a lot of different people, fitness levels and things like that. I think they did great. They wanted to take care of us immediately, we didn’t even have to ask, they were on it.


I think everything was really good. We enjoyed the countryside and meeting people. I think this is more interesting than visiting cities and the weather was “Perfetto!”. When Marialaura told us about the fields I didn’t think about these kind of hills. This was more natural and better than I expected, with the olive trees growing around us. It is just beautiful. “Grazie mille”

Part of the family

We had a lot of fun and the countryside is so much more beautiful than I ever thought. A photo doesn’t do it justice. In the Agriturismo where we were it was so fun. They fed us, made us laugh and, above all, they made us feel like a family. They just let us join their big table as part of the family. It was really fun. They were so warm and so friendly. Those places are unique and beautiful. Everything was better than expected! And being part of this small group allowed us being involved in reality of the culture.

I would reccomend it to anybody

All the cathedrals we visited were beautiful but Siena was my favorite cathedral, just spectacular and the prospective from the top was fantastic. I enjoyed the olive cropping and the time with the family and doing something that I had never done before. I would recommend it to everybody!

Our Values

We tailor our tours. We always change the tours depending on the season, the weather, the group needs and our inspirations. For that reason, we always travel inside our regions to discover new places, authentic restaurants, experience new activities, country estates and speak with people, grandparents and local for inspiration, so that we con find the right activity for each group.


Travel to the roots. Travel is a big opportunity for personal growth. We believe that sharing our local roots help travelers to compare different lifestyles, priorities and beliefs. Traveling in depth, instead of limiting yourself at the surface of a touristic place, is one of the ways to grow.

Olives on the ground

A vacation and a country estate just for you. 5 starts hotels are all identical, all around the world. But what about medieval castles and towers, renaissance residences and historical farmhouses? There is nothing identical in there; all rooms are different from each other! The owners here are our friends and they will explain to you the history of their family and of their unique house.

vacation estate

Maximum 8 people. If you travel in a big group you cannot even touch the ground. You are inside a touristic bubble. From there, it’s difficult to go in depth. We always travel with little groups to ascend at unique corners. We go only where locals go to be hosted at historical places, get touch with local families and to perceive all the magic around us.

Maximum 8 people

We love to have fun in a family environment. When we are on holiday and we want to enjoy it as much as we can. We will share with you unique moments and unique people that you will remember when you return home. You will never forget my grandmother, Franco or Ivan, that’s for sure! These memories will last forever.

Have fun

You are our special guest and our friend. We really love taking care of you. We will bring you to our unique corners, where only our friends can access because we trust you. We are your local friends and your travel referees. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

you are our special guest