Hi there!

This is Marialaura and I am from Tuscany! I will introduce you to my Tuscan family and my land in my favorite way, live like a local and discover what we love of our land…You will realize that it’s not the same Tuscany you see on the guidebooks or on the main tours…this is our Tuscany.

What about me…mmm… the most important pillar of my personality is that I love to stay with people. I cannot live without a big family around me. It doesn’t matter if it’s my real family or just a group of friends. That’s because I grew up in a lovely, noisy, big family where we loved each other a lot and we screamed at everybody at the same time. Anyway, I love to share my food, my life and to enjoy wonderful things with others, otherwise is not so interesting for me.

Me and my family on holiday!

Of course, I love to cook homemade pasta and (of course) to eat it, I love working at my family field, listening to the story of my land, admiring the countryside changing colors with the season, having fun at our local festivals and, last but not least, relaxing in hot springs with a good glass of wine in my hand! But what I love the most is traveling around the world, understanding the local culture and living like the people of the place where I am.

That’s why I started this beautiful traveling adventure with my boyfriend Damià. Our dream is helping other people to have a local travel experiences back at home. Before starting this project we traveled one year and a half. We have been traveling in North-West Africa, the Caribbean and all over Latin America. Many people say this is the voyage of our lifes. I hope it is not. I hope the voyage of our life has yet to come!