Mallorca Handbags Senalles Workshop

  • Max Group: 9 people
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Starting Time: 16:30
  • Starting Point: Plaza de España at "Café Ses Estacions" (Palma de Mallorca)
  • Payment Method: Major credit cards are accepted
* Children from 0 to 6, don't pay. Children from 6 to 11 pay €60


  • Discover one of the oldest artesan art in Mallorca
  • Meet one of the last senalla artisans in the island
  • Learn how to braid the palm leaves from Mallorca
  • Relax and meet the locals in our lovely home Patio
  • Enjoy a local snack on our Mallorca patio at home (Yard)


  • All the material to make the Senalles Bags
  • Transportation
  • Spanish snack
  • Guide
  • Senalles artisan teacher

Not Included

  • Souvenirs
  • Tips


In Mallorca, everybody use the Senalles bags to make some shopping, to go to the beach or to go out with friends. They are beautiful, traditional, natural and really fashion here in Mallorca, especially during the summer time! But nowadays the Senalles art is extinguishing and few artisans practice this beautiful art. We invite you to meet one of the last Llatra Artisans in the island, Guillem, in our Mallorcan House Patio for a unique afternoon where we will braid the Palmito (local palm leaves) to begin your personal bag. We will offer you a Mallorcan snack and some drinks to help you to relax and to fuse with our local culture.

In a world where everything is industrialized and run fast we propose you to take your time to discover how to make a hand made bag from Mallorca and to experience our local culture from the inside. The tour starts in front of Palma bus station. From there we reach by bus our lovely home village, Esporles (which comes from the Latin “sportulis” and means “basket”, right the palm crafts of this workshop tour).

We will meet with the Artisan Guillem Casellas. He will teach us how to braid the palm leaves he will provide and we will learn how to make our first palm braid. This is the basis of the handmade bag!You will relax tasting local food products such as: sobrasada, cheese, quelis bread, olives trencades, one bottle of local wine and soft drinks such as the local orange juice. So yummy!

Guillem will bring with him some of his home made bags of different size, colors, style… If you want you can buy these unique souvenirs for you and your friends at home. This will be the best shopping you can make here in Mallorca. Not only to support a little producer and a friend, but also to have an high quality product for a fair price.

About the handmade bags

This is an introduction to this handmade art. If you want to complete your Senalles bag, you need to meet again with our artisan and friend Guillem. If you want, we can organize 4 meetings of 2 hours each and set up a private workshop just for you and your friends wherever you want.


Children are more than welcome. We will provide soft drinks for them. Hopefully there will be other children on the tour, so they can have more fun playing together in the patio.

This is a child-friendly tour. Children, between the ages of 6 and 11, are welcome on this tour at the rate listed above. Children under the age of 6 can join us free of charge. Please inform us at the time of booking if you’ll be bringing a child and we will make their stay more comfortable.

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