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Have a group already?

Bring your friends with you for an unforgettable holiday. You will live the adventure of our lands (Mallorca, Tuscany, San Blas) with the group that you choose. We will be with you throughout the whole experience: anticipating needs, translating languages, providing advice and—above all—facilitating fun. Tell us your trip dates and we will design the perfect trip for you with the best vacation estates, active experiences, beautiful landscapes and unique, authentic restaurants!!!

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Valldemossa with a Private Group

Do you want a self-guided trip?

Come and visit Mallorca, Tuscany or San Blas alone, on a romantic trip with your partner, with your friends or with your family. We combine our hallmarks (authentic experiences, beautiful back roads, local vacation estates and unique people) with your intimacy and freedom. We will recommend unique experiences for you to suit your tastes. Tell us your trip dates, your personality and we will design the perfect trip for you!

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Some ideas for your trips…

Vacation Estates

Enjoy an eco-historical country farm or a beautiful sailing boat in Mallorca, an ethnic cabin in front of the sea or a beautiful sailing boat in San Blas Island, a Middle Age castle, an historical tower or a renaissance villa in Tuscany— we can recommend the best luxury boutique hotels, villas, and unique places.

The priority for us is that you touch, with your hands, special places managed by local families who want to really welcome you and take you inside their local culture. Traveling is not supposed to be authentic just during the day, but also during the night. Breakfast moments with us are so specials as well!

Villa Rucellai

Sailing Experiences

We specialize in sailing boat experiences in San Blas Islands with Captain Carlos (Panama) and in Balearic Islands with Captain Andrea (Spain).

We love to sail, as well as teach you how to sail with an all-inclusive service on board – from the breakfast time to the dinner with some good drinks. We will host you in private double cabins with all the amenities.

On our sailing boat experience you can go where nobody can go: natural reserves, unreachable corners of the coast, remote islands. You can see wildlife more closely, fish or do some snorkeling. If you are expert sailors we can also participate to some regatas! It’s up to you!

Boat in San Blas

Get in touch with the local culture

We would love to offer you an authentic and fun experience linked to our local culture. Why not participate in a medieval festival in Tuscany with flags and drums? Or experience a Spanish celebration with a reconstruction of the Arabic invasion where the people are all dressed up with the historical dresses? How about harvesting olives or grapes in Tuscany for the olive oil and the family wine production with all my Italian family? Or let us teach you our art in the kitchen and then we can taste what we cooked together!

Tortelli di Patate Mugellani

Sport and Natural Activities

You can bike on the Tuscan hills from one village to another, hike in the Mountain in front of the sea, observe the plants and the animals of the Mediterranean Spot, kayak in the Caribbean or do some meditation on the beach at sunset, horse-trek to reach a medieval castle, admire the nature from Unique Corners point of view, or relax in the Roman natural hot springs like in the Roman times — ask us about all the possibilities you can have.