Hi! My name is Damià and I am from Mallorca! I will introduce you my land in a local way!

We will experience the local culture and we will discover the hidden corners of my beautiful homeland.I love its nature; in particular I love the mountains and the sea. I love to walk in the mountain and to admire the sea from the top, to bright pure air and to listen to the sounds of the nature.

I live in a little village called Esporles, right at the beginning of the Sierra Tramuntana mountain chain. But, at the same time I love sailing the wind and running on my sailing boat on the Mediterranean sea, I love to make snorkeling and to be free and independent with the sailing boat.

Damià in Mallorca

I have just come back from a long voyage. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a sail boat and Latin America by bus with Marialaura. I discovered my favorite way of travelling on the go: staying with locals is better than seeing buildings.

Now, I want other people to have similar experiences. I have organized this tour in Mallorca to show you the authentic Mallorca. Where would I go if my friends came over? That’s exactly where I will take you! Travel Differently! Stay with locals. Live their life. Live the local experience!