Top Unique wines of Mallorca

Top Unique wines

Mallorca has top quality wines but few travelers discover them. Outside the commercial wine industry, there are agitated wineries, using local vineyards and innovative techniques. I love to taste these wines in our trips and in our daily tours. Have a look at our unique tour and activities in Mallorca!

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The 4kilos wine

4 Kilos Vinícola is a great example of the Mediterrenean character of Mallorca’s wines. The enologist Francesc Grimalt and the artist Sergi Caballero created the “4kilos” concept. 4kilos means the 4 million of Pesetas (about 24.000 €) they needed to start up this high quality wine. They used it as a claim of humility and commitment to the vineyard to face fashion wineries and spectacular design.


They created a puzzle of soils and varieties summarized in two labels:

  • the fruity 12 Volts wine (around 14€), calls to your taste the Mediterranean landscape (rosemary, Granada, berries).
  • the more limited 4 Kilos (around 28€) with a remarkable consistency on the palate. Created with the Mallorca Callet grapes (representing 60 % of the mixture of this wine) and accompanied by Cabernet and Syrah.


Es Fangar

Es Fangar is a great ecological Mallorca’s winery. They also take care of their soils and use local grape varieties such as Callet, Manto Negro, Forgoneu, Gorgollassa, Viognier, Giro Blanc and Prensal. They mix these varieties with french vineyards such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Muscat de Malaga and Muscat Fortignan.


Between their wines I recommend to taste:

  • N´Amarat 2010 (around 40€) has an intense aroma of ripe berries and fresh figs perfume. The same arrives on the palate, almost jammy. Very well balanced with amazing elegance.
  • Elements 2011 (around 27€) with an intense aroma of currant, cherries, and spices; all surrounded by brilliantly integrated wood notes. The palate is dense and powerful.


Son Vives

Son Vives has a unique location in Banyalbufar, on the cliff of the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains, overlooking the sea. Toni Darder grows the Malvasia grapes on terraces, in front of the sea. Malvasia grapes are one of the oldest known varieties and produce a very aromatic wine.


Juxta Mare 2012 Malvasia dulce (around 15€) is a sweet white wine (there is also the dry version) obtained by Malviasia over mature grapes at 100% with spectacular results. This sweetly rustic, clean and powerful wine is very different from the taste of the Malvasia wine from the other region of Spain.


We hope our page about the Unique Wines of Mallorca is useful for your next trip to Mallorca! If you would like to plan your special trip with us or ask us a day tour, feel free to contact us.

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