The Best Tracks in Mallorca

The Marvelous Trails of Mallorca

Mallorca has astonishing views thanks to its mountains. When you reach the top of these Mountains you can catch a glimpse of where the mountain meets the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorcans prefer their mountains to their beautiful beaches. I like both and I want to help you to enjoy the natural side of Mallorca. In our tours we love to walk with you on easy Mallorca tracks! Have a look here

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Cala des Coll Baix

The GR221 track

One of the most known trail, here in Mallorca, is the GR221 trail. This path runs across the Sierra Tramuntana (Tramuntana Mountains) World Heritage, parallel to the west-north coast of the island. If you want to follow this trail, you can walk during around 8 days to cross the entire island, from one side to another. The trail is full of little and big surprises: it reaches monasteries, discovers lovely villages inside the mountains, touches the wild west coasts to take a swim, up to the major peaks of Mallorca and down to its beautiful valley, discovers abandoned mills, hidden harbors, our plants and wildlife.


Multi-day or daily walk?

You have two ways to walk on the GR221: walking during 8 days in a row from one side to the other; or walking on it for one day, from one targeted village to another. The tracks are very well signalized and recently restored, just be careful when you walk near the cliffs. To reach the departure and move from the arrival point you can use public or private transportation. If you decide to focus your holidays on this hike, you can easy plan it with us or buy some books to plan your itinerary on your own. During your itinerary you can sleep in confortable hostels, agrotourisms, airbnb and local hotels. This way, you will help the family economy and you will enjoy the local culture.


From Sant Elm to La Trapa

It is one of the best GR221 shots, with awesome views on the coast with crystalline waters and the Dragonera Island on the background (around 2h20 round trip). Following the signs, you walk up to the abandoned convent of La Trapa. La Trapa is being restored by a group of volunteers to recover this ancient convent from the oblivion. It is really interesting to see how monks lived here during the past, immersed in nature. This track is under the sun so I advice you to don’t walk there during summer.


From Esporles to Banyalbufar

Walk from one ancient village to another, walking on the old mail trail (around 3h). You walk up to the top of the mountains. From there, the view is awesome. Then, you hike down to reach Banyalbufar, an amazing terraced village on the sea. There, you will admire the Arabic influence through the current clever water system they have to irrigate the fields, just beautiful. The stone beach of Banyalbufar is ideal to take a swim after the walk. All the trail is under the trees so it is feasible in summer time too, just bring with you a lot of water!


From Valldemossa to Deià

From the enchanted village of Valldemossa you walk up to the mountain where you have amazing views on the Foradada peninsula. During the trail keep your eyes open to discover a hidden hermitage cave, the ruins of the Castell del Moro tower and one old Mill. Once on the top you walk down to Deià. The track will surprise you with a romantic view on Deià surrounded by the sea. (Around 2h45)


Ermita de la Victoria to Refugi Coll Baix

You can reach the Ermita de la Victoria by car and park there (from Alcúdia you can find road signs). From there, you start your walk to Refugi Coll Baix (around 5h30 round trip). On the path you will find a sign, to reach the Penya des Migdia. If you want, you can walk there to have an amazing view of the bay and the sea from the top. On the path you will find a lime furnace and on the top you will find a centenary cannon. From the top you have to walk down back to the main trail, continuing your walk to Refugi Coll Baix. The beach there is impressive, and the trail is in real good conditions. After a swim or after a good picnic in Refugi Coll Baix, you can keep going to Ermita de la Victoria.

Trekking Penya Mig Dia

Torrent de Pareis to Sa Calobra beach

It is one of the most known path in Mallorca and one of the most difficult. You need mountain boots, water and a good physical preparation (around 6h). You can walk there only in summer time or during spring and fall, if it doesn’t in the previous days. In fact you walk inside a dry torrent. Amazing, isn’t it? If you go by car you can leave your car in Escorca restaurant and start the walk there. From there you walk down on the steep trail to reach the dried torrent. Inside the dried torrent you jump, walk and help you with your hands to go down in security. After having walked 6 hours, you reach Sa Calobra beach where there are restaurants, bars and a bus service at 3 pm which will bring you back to your car(from April to October, from Monday to Saturaday) or you can call a taxi.

Torrent de Pareis

We hope our page about the best Mallorca Trails is useful for your next trip to Mallorca! This article was written following our personal and local taste. If you would like to plan your special trip with us or ask us a day tour, feel free to contact us.

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