Tapas night in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Absolutely eat local food in Mallorca

Where to eat and what to eat in Mallorca? From the bakeries to the restaurants follow our local food advice for you! We are locals and we know what to eat and where to go to enjoy the food as much as we can! Read more →

5 things to do in Mallorca out of the tourists traps

Mallorca has a lot to offer to tourists. But forget about the “musts” you see on guide books. Those are tourists traps. Make sure you visit the authentic Mallorca next time you visit us. These are some of the things we would love to do if we came to Mallorca for the first time. Read more →

The Best Tracks in Mallorca

Which are the best tracks in Mallorca? Here you can find our advice to enjoy the best of our panoramas and Mediterranean nature where locals go! Read more →

The best Tuscan food to try once in life

Discover witch are the best dishes of Tuscany! Here you can find my advice to taste the best local dishes of Tuscany from the street food to the high level restaurant! Tuscan people have a historical addiction to excellent food. It doesn’t matter the price or the food style… Read more →

Top Unique wines of Mallorca

Mallorca has top quality wines but few travelers discover them. Outside the commercial wine industry, there are agitated wineries, using local vineyards and innovative techniques. The top unique wines of Mallorca for us are: 4kilos, Son Vives, Es Fangar… Read more →

Cabrera and its Treasures

The National Park of Cabrera is a special place, not just because of its beautiful and crystalline waters… Cabrera is a protected area and you can get there by booking a private group tour, obtaining a private boat licence for Cabrera or using a daily ferry service from “Colonia de Saint Jordi”, in Mallorca. My advice is… Read more →

How to travel to Mallorca

Mallorca is very well connected with the rest of Europe…Air Europa, Ryanair and Vueling chose it as main base for their Spanish carrier… as low cost there are: Vueling, RyanAir, Easyjet… To rent a car – Europcar, Avis – The cheapest is Gold Car…The main shipping companies in Mallorca are: Balearia, Trasmediterranea and Iscomar… Read more →

The best time to travel in Mallorca

The climate in Mallorca changes a lot, depending on the season. If you want to bike or to enjoy the mountains and the local culture…If you want to enjoy the beautiful waters of Mallorca the best period is… Read more →

The best time to travel in Tuscany

The climate in Tuscany changes a lot, depending on the seasons, the year and the geography of each area. I love to travel in Tuscany during spring and fall because temperatures are goods and I can catch fresh air without problems. In Tuscany we have four different seasons. Read more →

Pizza recipe, Tuscany, mum recipe, italy

The Authentic Pizza Recipe

Today I send you My Mum‘s Pizza Recipe! It is all simple and delicious! Pizza is a food to share. The more people in a pizza dinning table, the more fun it is! Italians adore having pizza nights with some beer and a lot of friends. You can top your pizza with your favorite ingredients, the basic ones are: mozzarella, tomato sauce and oregano. Read more →