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We are here to help you. Our passion is creating new tours and new points of view to discover our territories. So, we would be pleased to create a tailored experience for you, as well as your friends and family. We create guided tours so that you don’t have to worry about anything. But, if you prefer more privacy and freedom, we can simply organize your experience in advance for you to enjoy.Let us Know!

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An incredible job

Being with the family and seeing what they do, it was so nice and they have so many meal times here. Collecting the olives was the highlight of the trip. Marialaura’s family has a passion for that, and you can feel it. You feel that part of this land belongs to them and they even harvest the olives… Read More

More authentic then I expected

When I signed up for this trip, we were always talking about it being the authentic Tuscany. And that’s all I thought about. But when we came, we were kind of surprised, I guess, that being in small group was so much more wonderful and authentic than being part of a big group… Read More

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Marialaura and Damià welcome you to ! We have been traveling around the world for a long time. During our trips, we discovered the pleasure of going to the unique corners outside of mass tourism and inside authentic life. We learned that going to the top 10 places that the guide books talk about are cool, but exploring the unique corners is more awesome! As soon as we arrived home, we realized that we wanted other people to have unique experiences where our roots are deep: Spain and Italy.We are expert travelers, but most of all, we are the locals with the authentic local knowledge. We would love to share it with few special guests and to give you access to incredible experiences that only locals know.